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MyPhotoBooks 3.2.8061 is a program to create and print customized photo books
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MyPhotoBooks 3.2.8061 is a program to create and print customized photo books.
This program will allow you to design coffee table photo books customized from the cover. You can select between a letherette generic cover (Portola) or create your own customized printed and coated cover (Ashbury and Fillmore).

MyPhotoBooks 3.2.8061 will enable you to create photo books Including free style resizing and placing of content, collages of images, faded backgrounds, text (in any language any font and any place), frames, pre- designed backgrounds, and more.

Once designed, you will be able to send your photobook to Digilab for them to make it, or share them online with friends and family.

If you want to print your photobooks at home, or want the program to generate JPG and PDF files, you´ll need to buy a license.

You can use the program´s wizard to create a photobook.

The first thing you´ll have to choose is the type of photobook you want, from the list.

Then, you´ll have to place the photos wherever you want. You can rotate the photos, include some special effects and captions.

Once done, you can share the photobook online and send it to Digilabs to print it.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It allows you to quickly design and publish an animated photobook, that you can order to print


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